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Text Box: Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is the heartbeat of your practice. Without it, your practice can not function. Are you struggling to stay current with your billing? Is your practice experiencing one or more of these problems:











Insurance carriers play the 'pay-you-less, pay-you-later, or pay-you-not-at-all' game. They hope that by rebuffing your requests for payment, you will eventually give up; allowing them to keep your payment as their profit. We do not play that game, and neither should you.


Most practices experience all of these problems. What you need is the MD Solutions Revenue Cycle Management service from Horizon Health Care Management Group.















Our Chronic Care Management system is included for your staff to use with Revenue Cycle Management Services. Don't lose out on added income.


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Data entry is guaranteed within 2 business days.

Correct ICD-10 coding is enforced by the system. No coding mistakes. Even when your EMR system lets you make a coding mistake.

CPT/CDT coding always evaluated for maximum reimbursement.

Follow-up starts at 2 weeks from claim submission.

No personnel issues for you.

We do not play insurance carrier games.

Frequent late data entry.

Improper ICD-10 coding.

Services not being coded correctly, costing you money.

Late or no follow-up.

Employee turn-over.

Cash flow stops when employee goes on vacation/quits.

Interfaces with your EMR system may be available.

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