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Text Box: Credentialing

Credentialing can be a daunting task. Most insurance carriers now require a contract in place before you may treat their subscribers (your patients) and bill for your services.


Medicare, in particular, can be particularly troublesome, with the sheer number of forms to complete. A solo practitioner must complete three forms just for Medicare participation, a group practice, four or more. Medicare also requires periodic revalidation.


Applications can take considerable amounts of time to process, and require great attention to detail and follow-up. One error can cause the process to start over again at the beginning.

















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Execute the appropriate paperwork with us.

Provide us with the demographic and other information required by the carrier(s) for enrollment.

We complete all forms, paper or electronic.

We send you any forms that require your signature.

We submit all completed applications / revalidations, along with all required supporting documentation.

We notify you when a carrier credentialing process is complete. In some cases, you may receive the notification first.

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